Tome of Characters

Tome of Characters


Have you ever wanted to jump into an adventure but didn’t want to take the time to create a character?  Or have you ever been running a campaign and find yourself in need of a quick NPC?  Tome of Characters is what you need!


Tome of Characters contains 240 premade characters that can be used by players or as NPCs by Dungeon Masters.  Each character class, levels 1-20, are represented.


How were ability scores generated?  Ability scores were generated using the 4d6 method (with actual dice!).  In instances where more than one score was below 10, the lowest score was rerolled.


Did you use feats?  No, for the sake of consistency Ability Score Improvement was used instead of feats.


What races are represented?  Humans are the only race represented in the initial offerings, though future supplements will include other races.


What if I don’t need all 240 characters?  Then please look into our other offerings, such as Tome of Barbarians, Tome of Wizards, Tome of Rangers, etc.  These smaller supplements provide twenty premade characters for each character class.