Project Updates

Greetings and well met...

We recently finished out newest stand alone module, "Heroes' Rest." It's geared toward character levels 9-12 and takes adventuring parties to a cursed graveyard where they uncover a death knight's plot to take over the town of Serenity. It's currently available in the shop.

There are a few other projects in the pipeline that we are really excited about!

  • Rooster's Mansion--Located just outside of Serenity, Rooster's mansion is home to an eccentric wizard. Your task is a simple delivery of an unusual item, but once you arrive at the manor you discover that the entire world is in danger. This module is a solo adventure for character levels 1-4.

  • NPCs for Busy Dungeon Masters--Have you ever been creating a module or campaign and need a 10th level Barbarian but you just don't want to take the time to make one? This 5e supplement lets you save that time. There are pre-made NPCs for every core class, levels 1-20.

  • Gunslingers--This is a western themed RPG that uses a card based mechanic system instead of dice. The better your hand, the better your chances of surviving.

Until next time, happy travels and safe journeys!