Creating My First Solo Adventure

I was sitting at home wanting to play some D&D, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic it wasn't safe to get people together. I considered playing online, but that can get a bit clunky at times. Instead, I decided I would make four characters and play the roll of DM and PCs. There was a 5e compatible version of In Search of the Unknown and The Keep on the Borderlands sitting on my shelf that I had bought at Gen Con a couple of years ago. I hadn't played either adventure in over 30 years and I had bought it mostly out of nostalgia. I pulled it off the shelf, sat down with my new characters, and began playing.

It was a blast!

Even though I like the social interaction that a game like D&D brings to the table there was a certain appeal to controlling the entire game--there was no bickering over rules, arguing about which way to go in the dungeon, and if I made a mistake there was nobody to answer to other than myself.

The downside of playing by yourself is that there are very few surprises. You pretty much know what's lurking around every corner, making it hard to get into the true spirit of D&D.

So then I got to thinking there must be solo adventures out there to play, and there were. Unfortunately, the ones I found didn't really alleviate the "no surprises" problem. After pondering it a bit, this inspired me to write my first You're in a Bar solo adventure.

You're in a Bar is a very short, introductory 1st level adventure. The digital format requires players to click on a link with each decision they make. This way they don't know the result of their actions or what's around the corner until they click the link. There is also a print version where you go the appropriate pages, much like the classic Choose your Own Adventure books.

Based on this inspiration, I'm continuing to write modules in the vein of You're in a Bar. The idea being that all of the best D&D adventures start off in a bar.

Hopefully, if you already haven't, you'll take time to peruse the site and see what there might be that interests you. Pip Game Studios is still new, but more titles will be coming soon. Also, head on over to the members area and sign up! I promise you won't be inundated with e-mails--one every couple of weeks at most. I don't like spam and I'm sure you don't either so I won't add to your spam folder.

There's also a community forum where I hope to hear about everybody's adventures and not just with D&D but with other games as well.

Thank you!

Robert Arden