You're in a Bar (1).png

You’re in a Bar… is a short, solo adventure designed for 1st level characters. Like many great adventures, it starts off--you guessed it! In a bar!

Crit_Fumble Charts.png

Critical Hits and Fumbles is a battle supplement to add flavor to combat scenarios.  It contains critical hit charts for each damage type and fumble charts for melee, ranged, and magical attacks. 

Gunslingers is a western themed RPG that combines magic and firearms. Grab your dice and mount up!

Heroes Rest Cover (1).png

Keep your weapons ready as you explore a haunted graveyard in search of an unstoppable killer!

Rooster's Mansion.png

You're given a simple job--drop off the vial of celestial blood, get the payment, and leave. You weren't expecting to be drawn into a mystery.

Tome of Characters.jpg

Have you ever wanted to jump into an adventure but didn’t want to take the time to create a character?  Or have you ever been running a campaign and find yourself in need of a quick NPC?  Tome of Characters is what you need!